DOKO Engineering

Hollow optical fibers

for infrared lasers

Hollow optical fibers with silver and polymer coating on the inner surface of glass tubing.
Target lasers include Er:YAG of 3-micron wavelength and 10.6-micron CO2 lasers.
Hollow glass fibers are suitable for medical and dental applications due to high chemical and mechanical stability and non-toxicity.

for UV and VUV light

Aluminum thin film is deposted on the inside of glass tubing by MOCVD technique.
The fibers shows high transmission efficiency in UV and VUV region dur to high reflectance of aluminum.
Target lasers include XeCl, KrF, ArF, and F2 excimer lasers, and other coherent and incoherent light sources.

for spectrosocpy

Hollow optical fibers are suitable for Raman specgtrosocpy applications becuase the hollow core does not emit any Raman noises.
Owing to low absorption losses of the hollow core, the fibers are also good for UV and IR spectroscopy.
By filling the core with a sample gas, a hollow optical fibers functions as low-volume and long-path gas cell.

for short pulse lasers

Hollow optical fibers specially designed for Q-switched YAG lasers are available.
The fibers transmits high-peak-power, nanosecond pulses of YAG and its harmonics (2nd, 3rd, and 4th).
Hollow fiberoptics also deliver femto-second pulses with high pulse energy with little pulse broadening.

for extreme wavelengths

Metal-coated hollow waveguides for soft X ray, extreme UV, and terahertz wave.
Silver, aluminum, and the other metals are coated on the inside of waveguides for high transmission efficiency.
Core sizes are ranging from 250 micron to 3 mm. Waveguides based on flexible plastic tubing is also available.